Company Profile

Corporate Headquarters: Montvale, New Jersey


Wings Worldwide, LLC has been in the freight industry for years. Wings worldwide supports many diverse companies ranging from large corporate identity companies to smaller ones.

Our Mission

“Our mission is to build a long-term partnership with our clients, by providing quality programs & dedication to ensure continued success”.

What’s Our Advantage?

WEE Approach – Wings Effective & Efficient
Our in-house information system, is designed to provide accurate and timely logistics data and information in order to determine the most effective and efficient approach to fulfill each shipment.

Why will we Succeed?

Our team approach to discovering and creating customer value is by supplying our clients with the most dependable, courteous service in the industry. Wings Worldwide, LLC takes pride in understanding the special requirements of our customers, whether a highly specialized shipment, international or simply a day-to-day domestic shipments.



Wings Worldwide, LLC Services:

LTL / FTL Customer Programs 
Refrigerated Service
Trade Show & Product Warehousing
Distribution Centers / Food Warehouses
Rail Service



Office Manager
Toll Free: (888) 946-4780